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Some Water Facts

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  • Chlorine, a non-flammable, poisonous gas, is a major industrial chemical. Although classified as non-flammable, many combustibles will ignite in chlorine, creating toxic byproducts. Chlorine vapors, heavier than air, will remain close to the ground and expand rapidly when released, creating a very hazardous atmosphere.
  • In 1997, The American Public Health Association unanimously passed a resolution urging American industry to stop using the chemical chlorine.
  • When you open the door of your dishwasher after washing, toxic volatile chlorine from dish detergent and tap water is released into the air.
  • Cancer-causing chemicals like chlorine found in many household products are readily absorbed through the skin.
  • Pregnant women in their first trimester who drink five or more glasses of chlorinated tap water a day may be at a much higher risk of miscarriage than women who drink non-chlorinated water.


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Fluoridation Facts

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  • The vast majority of Western Europe has rejected water fluoridation.
  • The fluoride chemical added to water is an unprocessed, industrial waste-product from the pollution scrubbers of the phosphate fertilizer industry.
  • A growing body of evidence indicates that water fluoridation is both ineffective and unnecessary.
  • Fluoride’s ‘benefits’ are primarily topical, not systemic. Thus, there is no need to swallow fluoride.
  • Two-thirds of US communities, when given the chance to vote, have voted against fluoridation. Over 60 US communities have rejected water fluoridation since 1999.
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride has been linked to health problems, including arthritis, hip fracture, hypothyroidism, cancer, male reproductive problems, and brain disorders.
  • Children are receiving too much fluoride today, not “too little”. There is a need to reduce, not increase, current exposures.
    As a result of excess exposure to fluoride, near-epidemic numbers of children are developing dental fluorosis (a poisoning of tooth-forming cells).


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