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11 Reasons to use a water filter

by SEOsupport

What if we tell you that the water from your tap is (possibly) not clean? It may look clear, and may taste alright, but have you considered that if you can really trust it to be clean? Because the quality of your water directly affects your health, your immunity and the overall quality of your life; there is no way you should be willing to leave the cleanliness of your water to chance (or the main water supply line). When you filter the water, you can be sure that the water coming out of your tap is the best it can be.

And just so you know exactly why you need to use a water filter, we will give you not three, not five, but ELEVEN solid reasons to convince you to use a water filter.

  1. Water filters clean the drinking water immediately before it comes out of the tap, as it removes contaminants including chlorine and bacteria as well as lead, which can be poisonous to the body.
  2. This makes your drinking water taste and smells better while preventing harmful substances from entering your body.
  3. The water you use for cooking should also be bacteria and chemical free. You can have access to clean water coming from your tap by filtering it with the help of a water filter.
  4. While the other solution of clean water is bottled water, it costs a lot more than filtered tap water and you can never be sure of its purity.
  5. Tap water may contain giardia and cryptosporidium which can cause gastrointestinal diseases and if you use water filters, you can reduce the risk of these diseases by 33 percent.
  6. It is important for young children to develop immunity and drinking clean water has a direct link with how your immune systems develop in early age.
  7. Certain cancers such as rectal cancer, bladder cancer, and colon cancer develop because of chlorine and chlorine products. The risk of developing these diseases can be significantly reduced by using a water filter system as it can filter out chlorine and other harmful toxins.
  8. A shower filter is necessary because when you are showering, your skin pores widen and absorb more chlorine and other dangerous chemicals which are present in tap water. Since chlorine is linked to cancer, showering in chlorine contaminated water can increase the risk of bladder and breast cancer.
  9. Chlorine inhalation also increases the risk of respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis, and you can reduce this risk by using a water filter for your shower.
  10. Because chlorine causes fatigue, eliminating it from your water (and from your life) can give you higher energy levels, faster metabolism rates, and an improved overall health.
  11. By using a water filter for your entire house, you can be sure that for whatever purpose you are using water, it is clean and safe.

The best anyone can do is to let you know how important it is to filter water. The rest is up to you to decide what is good for you and your family.

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