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Why You Should Use a Water Filter in Perth

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There is absolutely no substitute for clean water. What if you found out that the water that comes out of your tap isn’t as clean as it looks? You’re likely to have trust issues with the water coming out from your tap and you would swear never to drink it again! But that isn’t really the solution, is it? We need water, that is, clean water which is both safe and healthy. And we want it to be available at all times… Statistics reveal that tap water in Perth is safer than tap water in many other cities of the […]
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11 Reasons to use a water filter

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What if we tell you that the water from your tap is (possibly) not clean? It may look clear, and may taste alright, but have you considered that if you can really trust it to be clean? Because the quality of your water directly affects your health, your immunity and the overall quality of your life; there is no way you should be willing to leave the cleanliness of your water to chance (or the main water supply line). When you filter the water, you can be sure that the water coming out of your tap is the best it […]
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Why Water Tastes Better With a Water Filter

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Water is tasteless and odorless, that’s what we have learnt at school but if you ever happen to drink the water from your friend’s bottle it must have dawned upon you that not all water tastes the same it’s just that your taste buds have just gotten used to the taste of water that you have been drinking since you were born. Filtered water is often recommended by the health experts but is most often neglected by the residents of our city. This is mainly because it is believed that the tap water that is supplied by the water authorities […]