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FCJ-293 Floor Standing Water Cooler

Model FCJ-293SS and Model FCJ-293CB This is a floor standing refrigerated water cooler fitted with a bubbler and glass filler It has a 3 litre stainless steel water storage tank and produces approximately 15 litres of cold water per hour Fitted internally with a 350kpa pressure reduction valve to control the incoming water pressure

A pressure relief valve has been fitted internally to prevent high water pressure caused by thermal expansion from damaging internal pipes and fittings Has a polished stainless steel top designed to prevent splashing and easy access to cleaning of water drain All water lines and fittings are insulated to prevent any condensation

The base is stainless steel to support the water cooler and refrigeration system Can be factory fitted internally with a filtration system MODEL FCJ-293SS (stainless steel) is full stainless steel panelling inside and outside MODEL FCJ-293CB (colour bond) front and side panelling is beige colour bond panelling, back panel and inside is stainless steel There is a twelve month warranty with a eighteen month warranty on the refrigeration system
FCJ-293 Floor Standing Water Filters and Coolers
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