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Why You Should Use a Water Filter in Perth

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There is absolutely no substitute for clean water. What if you found out that the water that comes out of your tap isn’t as clean as it looks? You’re likely to have trust issues with the water coming out from your tap and you would swear never to drink it again! But that isn’t really the solution, is it? We need water, that is, clean water which is both safe and healthy. And we want it to be available at all times…

Statistics reveal that tap water in Perth is safer than tap water in many other cities of the world, but that doesn’t mean the tap water is safe; it just means that there are people worse off than we are. The impurities that tap water may contain are:

  • Chlorine at very high levels which is correlated to a number of problems including miscarriages.
  • Heavy metallic compounds that are known to cause a number of diseases.
  • Fluorine compounds are toxic and cause tooth decay, among other health problems.
  • Trihhalomethanes (THMs) that are carcinogenic (can cause cancer).
  • Hormones
  • Pesticides

Imagine consuming one or all of these products that are mixed in supposedly “clean” tap water.

One of the best, easiest, and most affordable ways to significantly minimize the health risks that tap water contains is by installing a water filter. Here are a few reasons why installing water filters in your home or office is a good idea:

You get Cleaner Water

The water that comes from your tap has only been screened for 70 chemicals while there are about 300 harmful chemicals that could possibly be present in it. Once you’ve installed a filter, you do not need to worry since a water filtration system removes everything from water that isn’t water – including chlorine. Then it uses a re-mineralization system that puts the essential minerals like magnesium, boron, manganese, iodine, and sodium, which are necessary for our body.

It Tastes Better

Tap water is hard water. This means that some people might find its taste to be slightly bitter. Filtration causes the softening of water which makes its taste clearer and soother. You won’t have to deal with the smell of tap water either, since filtered water is odorless –just like it should be.

Save Plumbing Expenses

We’ve already talked about the harmful contents of tap water. The salts pile up and clog our drains and the chemicals like fluorine corrode them, compelling us to spend money on repairs and replacements. Moreover, running hard water decreases the efficiency of electrical appliances by 48 percent, and therefore installing a water filter will save you from this extra spending in the long run

We Can Help You with Advice and Installation

No matter what water filtration system you need and ultimately decide upon the Fresh Water Filtration team can help you to install it. We’ve been helping businesses and domestic customers solve their water filtration needs in and around Perth for decades.

Water is a huge part of everyone’s everyday life and with the potential dangers that come with drinking tap water, would you want your family to keep consuming it?

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