Bathroom Laundry and Kitchen Renovations

We manage renovation projects entirely, ensuring a stress-free process for you and your family.

Working directly with our plumbing team for your wet area renovation needs means you will achieve the most functional and high-quality solutions for your home.

The most important stage for any renovation involves creating a thorough design plan and accurate budget. Whether you are bringing a strong plan to the table or just have a general palette in mind for the area, we can tailor the first stage based on your needs.

If you have a design plan already and are clear on the final look you are after, we can discuss your budget and have you moving onto selecting your fixtures and finishes smoothly.

Use our 3D Renovation Software to design your new kitchen and laundry, or we can do it for you-


Understanding the Process
We work with you throughout the whole project


Removing the old
Starting with a clean and safe site for the renovation is an essential part of the process to ensure a quality result. We manage this stage – from isolating the existing water and power services – through to the removal of all debris from your yard safely and efficiently.


Designing the new
Using our 3D Renovation Software, we work with the customer to come up with a design to suit the customer’s taste and budget.


Preparing the Space
Once the final design plan is locked off this stage can begin. The installation of the new water and power services along with any construction or alteration elements takes place. Our experienced team know what is required to ensure an outstanding finish with correct implementation of this critical stage.


Installing the New / Handover
The most exciting stage – as the paint, tiles and fixtures start to take shape. We work to make this an enjoyable experience for you as we quality control all aspects taking place. With vigorous testing and ensuring all other trades are working to a high standard we will hand over a spectacular sparkling new bathroom or laundry.

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