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CA2 Automatic Carbon Whole house water Filter Perth available at Freshwater Filtration Systems

CA2 Automatic Carbon Filter

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Activated Carbon in Water Filters Whole House Media tank 13″(33 CMS) X 54″ (137 CMS) Wound fibreglass vessel 56 litres of carbon Fleck 5000 electronic valve with fast and rapid rinse and fully adjustable functions 1-99 days backwash Type: Auto Carbon Filter Description: Self-filtering media vessel with top mounted valve Capacity: N/A Designed to backwash at regular intervals Flow Rate: Continuous 35 litres per minute Peak 40 litres per minute Pressure: Maximum 600 kpa (85psi) Minimum 175 kpa (25psi) Pipe Sizes: Inlet / Outlet (20 mm) Drain 1/2” (12mm) Contact Us Message Successfully Sent!