Why Water Tastes Better With a Water Filter

Water is tasteless and odorless, that’s what we have learnt at school but if you ever happen to drink the water from your friend’s bottle it must have dawned upon you that not all water tastes the same it’s just that your taste buds have just gotten used to the taste of water that you have been drinking since you were born.

Filtered water is often recommended by the health experts but is most often neglected by the residents of our city. This is mainly because it is believed that the tap water that is supplied by the water authorities in our home is clean. Yeah, well surely it is clean when looked from our naked eyes but there are various microscopic bacteria that are present in the tap water that changes the taste of the water and also adversely affects our health. Here we provide you with reasons as to why water tastes better with a water filter.

  1. Water reaches our homes through the pipelines. Even if the water is pure and clean the pipes are not. Over the years dust sediment will accumulate on the interior walls of the pipes that will change the taste of the water and will also result in various health issues in order to get around with this problem it is recommended that you install fresh water filtration system in your home or office.
  2. A filtered glass of water has a higher amount of fluorine as compared to bottled water. Fluorine is a chemical element that enhances the tastes of the water and is also good for oral health. Keep in mind that too much flouring can be bad for your health.
  3. Filtered water filters out the chlorine residue and pesticides that are otherwise present in your tap water. Chlorine and pesticides are harmful for your health and will also make the water taste bitter. When filtered the water will taste much better and will also be good for your health.
  4. Not all bacteria are bad for health. Filtered water kills only the harmful bacteria while keeping those that are good for your health this is another reason why filtered water tastes better. Most bottled water pass through processes that not only kill harmful bacteria but also the ones that are good for health, this changes the natural taste of water.

If you are also interested in installing a water filter at your home then turn to a company with immense experience in providing filtered water services. Fresh Water Filtration System is one such company based in Perth Australia that has over 5 decades of experience in providing the people of Perth with fresh and clean water and peace of mind. For placing an order for the filtration system contact us at 08-9401-0144 or email us at roy@freshwaterfiltration.com.au. For more information about Fresh Water Filtration Systems visit our official website.

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